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“It made me understand so much as to why he was as he was when he had his dark moments. He knows that the pain just went away is not a satisfactory answer to what happened so what we tried to do in the film– having gotten to the point where he (Eric) had been challenged to go and meet this man [Mr. Nagase, one of the men responsible for the torture] was to try and dramatize the stages he went through so he arrives absolutely determined to kill him. The NCO beat him with a stick on the chest and stomach while the interpreter stood alongside, all the time repeating his questions. By: John Hanlon  |  April 18th, 2014. “By the act of forgiveness a weight was lifted. He could kill this man if he wanted to and just that reinstatement of control and power goes a very, very long way to taking away some of that hurt and then to discover that the man respects you. I wanted to do as much as I could in a very small amount of screen time and somehow do justice to her and – you should block your ears, Patti – to her incredibly elegant and quiet determination. Fury as people with possible Covid symptoms sent to ‘non-existent’ testing site, The address in Sevenoaks, Kent, is listed on the government website - but "is not a test facility", the district council leader said after they issued a public apology. We’re not, as a species, very good at witnessing horrors and then just coming back to ordinary life and being able to join the two together. On 12 September 1946, it was gazetted that he had been mentioned in despatches "in recognition of gallant and distinguished services while [a Prisoner] of War". It was quite impressive really. It's a French director [Olivier Dahan]. Yes. Patti: No, not at all. Lomax's death in 2012. The story behind The Railway Man. Andy: It was quite extraordinary. the movie's interpretation of the story, The relationship between Eric and Patti is at the core of the film but it was pure chance the couple found each other. LF: you have two more projects – Paddington Bear and Before I Go to Sleep – coming up with Colin Firth. I'm completely enraptured with her right now. It really is a glorious thing, and the perfume is also a marvellous thing. “He said ‘I will tell you one day’ but one day never came. But even after so much suffering, Eric had managed do what he said and leave his hatred in the past. Upon his return, he ended up staying with his fiancée Nan and her parents, a living situation that likely hastened their impending nuptials. No. Kidman portrays his second wife Patti and Do you smile patiently or fight back? Patti says: “He didn’t even want to see the stills from the film. "Lomax," he said, "you will tell us. "Some time the hating has to stop." Yes. Just quickly, Eric was given a cutting from the English language Japan Times newspaper, which did a review of this book. He is most notable for his book, The Railway Man , about his experiences before, during, and after World War II, which won the 1996 NCR Book Award and the PEN/Ackerley Prize . -Glam Adelaide, Not shown in the movie, the real Eric Lomax benefited psychologically with the help of the Medical Foundation for the Care of Victims of Torture (known today as Freedom from Torture), a British charity that provides therapeutic care for survivors of torture. War II. He married his first wife Agnes ("Nan") on 20 November 1945, just three weeks after being liberated. See it in cinemas from January 10, 2014. "I loathed his endless sing-song questions," Lomax recalled, "his dreadful persistence and smug, virtuous complicity with what they were putting me through. -Daily Mail Online, Not entirely. I am trying to raise people's awareness, but I think it's recognised a lot more now than it was in Eric's time. So we'll take lots of sunblock and give them a chance to experience different cultures. She returned to Britain and in 1983 they were married. He was held back by all those years and so I did feel very, very angry. They had lived for all this time with a sort of sense that they ought to be ashamed of being part of this military disaster and that that was somebody else’s problem so you just pile on these layers of injustice and silence and so to find yourself in a situation where you’re understood… You’ve unpicked some of the damage and that’s a very complicated thing to do but that’s certainly what we tried to do in the third act of the film and I think Eric said to us at one point to the effect of ‘This is what it felt like,’ which is what we needed to be able to do to make sense of making the film at all because the book is a masterpiece. In his book, he often counters such statements by saying that his inability to articulate his searing memories from the war was equally to blame, if not more so. Nagase had written a book on his own experiences during and after the war entitled Crosses and Tigers, and financed a Buddhist temple at the bridge to atone for his actions during the war. We would be honored.’ The story obviously found that level of awareness in Japan, that they knew this was a very different and very special thing. I don't know why it does but I  just seem to get along with them. Patti: Yes, the film has got a great deal of truth in it. Grace is in her 30s when this happens. But Lomax did not say anything incriminating, and explained to his captors that the reason he had the map was because he was a railway enthusiast. the set of The Railway Man Sadly, Eric The Railway Man Interviews & Related Video. Nagase tells Lomax. I talked on the phone to Patti (in her home in Berwick-on-Tweed) and Nicole Kidman (in Los Angeles ) about the oddness of seeing yourself being played by a movie star, the relevance of The Railway Man to soldiers returning from war today, and Patti and Kidman's shared passion for gardening. Very soon after that, another friend sent him an English language copy of the book. In secret, Eric built a radio so he could follow the progress of the war but in August 1943, the guards discovered it. While riding on a train to Glasgow in 1980, the real Eric Lomax met the then 43-year-old Canadian nurse Patricia "Patti" Wallace, who was seventeen years his junior and back in Britain visiting her mother, sister and some close friends. It has to be a long answer because there’s no way to simplify [this]. We just did Paddington Bear together, even though we don't have any scenes together. These people don’t talk about it. John: So you heard about Mr. Nagase’s story through the book he wrote? The soldiers were also taught to fight with relentless ferocity as part of the Japanese counter-insurgency against Mao Tse-tung's forces. opens up to Lomax, he takes hold of It doesn’t hurt the person you are feeling angry about so once he released that he felt freer.”. We were expecting that there may be some resistance but the book simply had already done our work for us. I had felt less morbid vindictiveness towards the Japanese guards in Changi than these seemingly normal Scottish middle-class people were displaying to their own blood relatives. She simply said, ‘Andy, it removes your humanity. NK: Oh, the list is so long because it goes from actors to different directors. Eric Lomax's book, The Railway Man, about his experience as a Japanese prisoner of war has inspired a major new film. [2], Lomax was the first patient of the Medical Foundation for the Care of Victims of Torture. We had endless conversations [and] endless rewrites to get the tone of things correct. Finlason's documentary Enemy, My He was given the service number 165340. He was not to know it then, but the two would meet again, almost a lifetime later, in a remarkable act of reconciliation – when Takashi acknowledged that the Japanese army had treated the British appallingly, and Lomax assured him of his total forgiveness. Completely absent from The Railway Man movie are Eric Lomax's first wife Agnes ("Nan"), whom he married on November 20, 1945, just three weeks after he was liberated. seen The Railway Man movie or 18 June 1948, died at birth) and Charmaine Carole (b. I’d been a wartime child. That said, did you find it harder for you to forgive than Eric? And these men above all had been put in a situation in Singapore where they had surrendered but actually they were sent to a completely lost cause so they actually were told that they had been surrendered and been surrendered to a race that had been conditioned to see surrender as the greatest disgrace and so if you start building up these injustices, you’re sent into a hopeless situation, you fight and then you’re told to stop and then you’re treated like animals because you surrendered which you didn’t and then you’re treated in that way and you try to bring some hope to [his fellow soldiers] by doing something brave– by building this radio– to bring news to give people a reason to stay alive out there and for your troubles, you’re interrogated and tortured. explains more about how we use your data, and your rights. we treated your country very, very badly," The film received several awards. I feel that Martin Scorsese hasn't done a female story and he needs to. You've played historical figures before, of course. Barely fed, Eric and his comrades suffered from malnutrition and disease – 60,000 of his comrades starved while 12,399 disease-ridden Allied prisoners of war put to work on the line died. When the casting directors were initially sending it out, they said that the result was a lot of these guys kind of went, ‘Oh my God, not another Japanese POW camp.’ Then, as soon as the name of the film was mentioned, they said, ‘That’s an entirely different question. However. "This intolerance over things so surpassingly trivial was very hard for me to take. First published on Thu 26 Dec 2013 16.00 EST. Firth plays Eric Lomax, abortion a former British officer who was captured and tortured by the Japanese during World War II. She’s devoted her life to people who suffered in many different ways. NK: Always. But his first family were written out of the story … Has it been a deliberate strategy to go from working with Lars von Trier and doing mainstream work such as Australia and then shift to something intimate and small such as Rabbit Hole and Stoker?

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