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We are committed to genuine, high-quality reporting, but we need your support. Masvidal seems more poised to give Usman resistance in the clinch than the skilled-but-small dos Anjos or the large-but-inert Woodley did; however, Usman not only has an athletic margin here (as he does over everyone), he’s proven persistent enough to wear on even the ones who can hold him off for a bit in the clinch, and Usman’s freakish indefatigability means that holding him off isn’t enough for the attempts to stop. MMA News continues to keep you posted on the latest UFC 251 updates. He got edged out of a couple close decisions at lightweight, outright robbed of at least one (against Al Iaquinta), and then went on his run at 170. Usman’s no worse from clinch-positions like collar-ties and he looked brilliant in transitions against Woodley (battering him with elbows reminiscent of one of his former opponents, Leon Edwards), but he’s at his best playing the threat of his wrestling off the damage of his clinch. S#*%ty UFC Predictions: Ortega vs. Zombie, Brian Ortega acknowledges UFC 231 fight with Max Holloway is ‘hard to watch’, Updated UFC Fight Island 6 betting odds for Korean Zombie vs. Brian Ortega, UFC Fight Night Results: Brian Ortega vs. Korean Zombie, UFC Fight Island: 11 upcoming fights you might have forgotten about. UFC 251 predictions. In today’s episode Le Martin, Dave Manyun and Matt Ryan from MMA Mania are here to make a full breakdown for UFC 251 at Fight Island. So far, our MMA handicappers have made 2376 free picks. However, Masvidal’s grasp of rhythm doesn’t just manifest in his jab, as seen in his bout against Darren Till; against a much longer fighter who seemed to have Masvidal in some serious trouble early, Masvidal eventually figured out how to cover distance in big shifting flurries as he threw off the counterpuncher by feinting him into complete uncertainty. Some have been convinced that he’s a pound-for-pound tier talent on the basis of his meteoric rise alone, while others seem to think that he’s still the .500 journeyman he used to be – only this time bolstered by a bit of luck with matchups. Masvidal is very good on the outside, but Usman isn’t just a capable pressurer, he has enough of a threat in open-space that he can enter and finish without the fence or just physically shove Masvidal into the fence. How to order and watch UFC 253 on ESPN Plus PPV. To their credit, the welterweight title fight at UFC 251 was always strong, even if it wasn’t optimal; Gilbert Burns earned his title shot in full, with a snappy schedule that evoked that of old-time boxers, even if Leon Edwards had paid greater dues. Even there, though, Masvidal’s struggles persisted; he kept grappling exchanges going against Demian Maia and lost the fight for trying to choke him, and the fight against Stephen Thompson was just catastrophic. UFC 251 Prediction: Usman via TKO5, cap Usman at -200. Masvidal has stepped in admirably on a week’s notice, backing the persona of the fearless streetfighter that defined his rise, but the task in front of him is as formidable as anyone’s in MMA. The main card starts at 10 pm ET. Our MMA Predictions will largely focus on the main markets of the fights with Moneyline MMA picks and Method of Victory markets which can offer considerably greater odds than a Moneyline wager. Neither is fully true, but while the motivations are incorrect for the first, it’s certainly closer to true; Jorge Masvidal might have gotten to the spot where he is with his mouth and with his highlight reel – but behind the persona and despite some rough patches, there was always a slick technician just waiting to break out, and now he has. The concern in an Usman fight is takedown-defense and the clinch, and the good news for Masvidal isn’t just that he won’t necessarily concede those areas of the fight like he used to, but that he’s quite good at both. Masvidal’s skill as a boxer is complemented by his skill as a kicker, where he isn’t quite as highly-regarded but probably should be; the fight to watch there is against Donald Cerrone, who not only ate big switch-kicks to the gut that were followed immediately by Masvidal’s punching-combinations, but also couldn’t get a kick off without Masvidal parrying it and blasting him for his trouble. By Alexander K. Lee @AlexanderKLee Jul 11, 2020, 8:00am EDT If you buy something from an SB Nation link, Vox Media may earn a … Usman’s primary skill is as an absurdly domineering wrestler; with the possible (and even that, perhaps not) exception of lightweight king Khabib Nurmagomedov, Usman has proven the most effective wrestler in the UFC. What could Dana White be planning for Khabib Nurmagomedov? Usman could win a fight in the open if the takedown threat seriously gets to Masvidal, but that’s where Masvidal has his shot to exploit the developing nature of Usman’s pocket-game. Order the PPV now on ESPN+. UFC 251 Yas Island 11th Jul 2020 This event is 4 days, 4 hours and 49 minutes away. That he’s proven a genuine power-puncher at 170 helps immensely, too. The Covington fight showed both of those things; Usman seemed to make a concerted effort not to wrestle or clinch a man who was probably at least somewhat-susceptible to both, and kickboxed with a volume-kickboxer to a TKO win. Jorge Masvidal hasn’t followed on the claim that he made right after the fight that heralded “The Resurrection,” a nasty second-round knockout of the solid Darren Till; Masvidal claimed to want to fight the best in the world rather than those who called him out, but the fights afterwards were against two questionably-legitimate top-10ers who (in some fashion) called him out. For every UFC event our MMA handicappers will offer predictions and the free UFC betting tips for UFC 251 can be found below. Masvidal got the credit of being the best grappler Maia had faced in MMA, according to the man himself, and yet he lost a winnable fight because he couldn’t not attack Maia where he was best despite showing all the skills to just cut the wrestling exchanges off at the knees.

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