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If the approach of the glass rod causes the leaves in their final state to collapse, then the charge in the rod was positive, but if it causes them to expand still more the charge was negative, and vice versa for the sealing-wax rod. In Russia, however, they have a bad reputation for lying and general untrustworthiness, and drunkenness is well-nigh a universal vice. He used to say that there are only two sources of human vice--idleness and superstition, and only two virtues--activity and intelligence. If, now, the apparatus be so set that the notes from the upper and lower chest are in unison, the upper fixed plate may be placed in four positions, such as to cause the air-current to be cut off in the one chest at the exact instant when it is freely passing through the other, and vice versa. Crime is a legal, vice a moral, and sin a religious term. All the evidence in Barclay's own work goes to prove that he was sincere in his reproof of contemporary follies and vice, and the gross accusations which John Bale 1 brings against his moral character may be put down to his hatred of Barclay's cloth. The odious vice of bell-ringing he renounced; but he still for a time ventured to go to the church tower and look on while others pulled the ropes. Accommodation-The ability of the lens to change its focus from distant to near objects and vice versa. From the moment that he became primate of Ireland, Stone proved himself more a politician than an ecclesiastic. It appears also from (II) that the null-lines whose distance from the central axis is r are tangent lines to a system of helices of slope tan 1(r/k); and it is to be noticed that these helices are left-handed if the given wrench is righthanded, and vice versa. The style itself is screw-less with "three-point" tension mounted frames that look incredibly sophisticated and elegant, perfect for a potential Vice Presidential candidate! The wrong china can transform your elegant arrangement into something that sticks out as though it doesn't belong and vice versa. It means that if you wear a long, loose bottom, then your top should be a bit more fitted and vice versa. The stains of idolatry, vice and fraud are not visible on the flesh, yet they resemble real dirt. However, the 3,000-plus fans that showed up for the event needed to be handled by 35 police units and Island Records Vice President James Roppo was arrested for not hampering the demanding crowd quicker. It is not true, as is sometimes said, that the difference between the two is that between gross and polished vice. The only possible consonantal nexus in purely Malay words is that of a nasal and mute, a liquid and mute and vice versa, and a liquid and nasal. : Saying he would fight for the truth, he even attended a cabinet meeting chaired by the vice president as if nothing was amiss. On the questionnaire, I could not think of any vice other than my addiction to energy drinks. 87 examples: A moral claim is either true or false, so that all moral truths are moral… Vice Presidentce-President of RedR, whose President is HRH The Princess Royal. 12. If you currently have gas and want electric or vice versa, you can change what type of energy your stove will run off with a simple conversion kit you can purchase from the manufacturer of your range/oven. Vice president Terry Sanderson was on BBC Radio London on Thursday, talking about arguments over halal meat in school dinners. Dance is, by nature, a subjective skill, and it's certainly possible for a performer to be technically perfect but artistically poor, and vice versa. Provide a greater challenge once your child masters these math skills by asking him to give you the multiplication family for a division problem and vice versa. Making time to be with your boyfriend and vice versa means you are both committed to each other. Vice PresidentVice-President of the British Women Racing Drivers Club. In Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, just like in Vice City and the other games in the Grand Theft franchise, you drive an assortment of cars. Similar to the regular crunches, this one focuses on a twisting motion where you try to touch your left knee with your right elbow and vice versa. casecchino), rather than vice versa, and this in turn from an Arabic kazayand (Pers. The penumbra remains the penumbra, but it is now darkest where before it was brightest, and vice versa. vice example sentences. : The election process was swift with the past vice president taking the chair as president for the next two years. 12. Vice Presidentwho last August, working alone, arrested Iraqi vice-president Taha Yassin Ramadan in Mosul, northern Iraq. 17. CK 1 1420448 It's a vice. : " Val-6 Ara ymr, ok iarna glymr; Brast r&nd vice rond; rero vikingar.". We spoke to Lynn Beaurline, Poshé's Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, to learn more about the brand, its products and get the full scoop on how to make our hands look their best! Hermann Hankel has pointed out the readiness with which the Hindus passed from number to magnitude and vice versa. He was accepted as a disciple and promoted to a position of trust, where avarice, the only vice in which he had hitherto been unpractised, gradually took possession of his soul, and led to the complete fulfilment of his evil destiny. They can scarcely, however, have been transferred from Deuteronomy to Exodus (or vice versa), owing to the variations between the two versions: we must rather regard them as the work of a Deuteronomic redactor. But the mechanical view of nature is not identical with the materialistic. A fun fact about Tom Clancy is that he is part-owner of the Baltimore Orioles and sits at the Vice Chairman of their Community Activities and Public Affairs. The first member of the family to emerge definitely into history was Ferencz Zerhazy (1563-1594), vice lord-lieutenant of the county of Pressburg, who took the name of Esterhazy when he was created Freiherr of Galantha, an estate acquired by the family in 1421. Synonym Discussion of vice. Yet for all your glorious glamour, you may suffer the consequences if your other vice involves being something of a packrat. In fact, as mentioned in the article Mouse, there is no possibility of defining the term "rat" when used in a sense other than as relating to the two species above mentioned; while there is also no hard-and-fast limit between the terms "rats" and "mice" when these are likewise employed in their now extended sense, "rats" being merely larger "mice," and vice versa. Flanagan most recently held the post of global Vice President of business transformation. Lord Rayleigh had an interest in abnormal psychological investigations, and became a member and vice president of the Society for Psychical Research. Reason " and " enlightenment " were his watchwords; opposition to his wise measures he regarded as obscurantist and unreasonable, and unreason, if it proved stubborn, as a vice to be corrected with whips. Nationally-accredited programs will accept regionally-accredited program transfers, but not vice versa. It shows how a bold and p lausible adventurer, aided by the profligacy of a parasite, the avarice and hypocrisy of a confessor, and a mother's complaisant familiarity with vice, achieves the triumph of making a gulled husband bring his own unwilling but too yielding wife to shame. Vice President Philip Schiller, senior vice-president of worldwide product marketing, the Mac Pro will cost less than a comparably configured Dell PC. on the south, held the States of the Church as in a vice, and thereby dominated the politics of the peninsula. She adds, "If you are bigger on the top verses the bottom or vice versa, having the flexibility of different styles and sizes will help.". The subject becomes the object and vice versa. While none of the men can communicate directly with the women (and vice versa) outside the dark room, they are able to set up dates via a computer-based messenger system inside the house. vice-versa. While in high school, she was student body vice president. The question as to whether the Greeks borrowed their algebra from the Hindus or vice versa has been the subject of much discussion. A terrorist attack has destroyed the White House and killed the President, Vice President, and Speaker of the House. Vice Presidentember 1972 Maire Drumm, then vice-President of Sinn Féin (SF ), was arrested in the Republic of Ireland. They also have their own stores and online shops for selling their own product, so there is a big possibility that you come across a retail store that is cheaper than the manufacturer itself or vice versa. After some unspecified secular employment, Wykeham became "under-notary (vice tabellio) to a certain squire, constable of Winchester Castle," probably Robert of Popham, sheriff of Hampshire, appointed constable on the 25th of April 1340, not as commonly asserted Sir John Scures, the lord of Wykeham, who was not a squire but a knight, and had held the office from 1321, though, from Scures being named as second of his benefactors, Wykeham perhaps owed this appointment to his influence. depressions appeared as elevations, and vice versa, or, as we must say after Charles Wheatstone, it presented a pseudoscopic impression; this quality, however, was not recognized by the microscopists of the time. Yet, apart from the references to cultic prostitution (which was adopted by the Israelites from the Canaanites), the mention of the vice in question is not frequent; in a polygamous society and in a country without great cities it was not likely to grow to great proportions. Regardless of her love/hate relationship with the general public, the senior vice president of programming and development at Bravo, Andy Cohen, thinks the show will be a smashing success. Ambition, in a private man a vice, is in a prince, a virtue. Vice Presidentted vice-president of UNISON in June 2006. Obviously, we may regard C as a tyrosinase and R as a chromogen, or vice versa; and in the case of the white sweetpea crossed with a blue-flowered one, and producing purple offspring, we may imagine that the white flower brought in an additional tyrosinase or a chromogen not present in the blue flower, which, when combined or mixed with the chromogen or tyrosinase for blue, gave purple.

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