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This led to a violent agitation throughout the kingdom and the military had to be called out. The symbols and myths in these are not the creation of the writer, but borrowed from the past, and in not a few instances the materials are too foreign to his subject to lend themselves to his purpose without the help of artificial and violent expedients. The violence of the Restoration had been directed primarily against Puritanism, and only against certain forms of government so far as they allowed Puritans to gain the upper hand. 2. The violence or completeness of combustion was proportional to the amount of phlogiston present. Thereafter it gradually rose, undergoing violent volcanic disturbance.". About 89% recorded their preference in favour of English at the outset; then, as a result of violent political agitation, this percentage was considerably lowered, but soon crept up again. He stated that he wished his deputies to respond to the threat of lethal violence with "disconcerting alacrity.". The letters that she addressed to the pontiff, on this and other occasions, are documents, which are, perhaps, unique in their kind, and of great literary beauty. CK 1 1841232 Tom was trying to control his own violent temper. As this cover fits very well it must have required a quite violent shock to remove it. The extent to which the disturbance spreads depends on the violence of the stimulationit may be confined to a few leaflets or it may extend to all the leaves of the plant. As among the German National party, there were strong nationalist elements in his programme, but they were chiefly directed against Jews and Hungarians; Lueger had already distinguished himself by his violent attacks on Hungary, which had caused some embarrassment to the government at a time when the negotiations for the Ausgleich were in progress. Kuprili, who had forbidden the Polish enterprise, at once occupied Transylvania, and, in the course of the next five years, no fewer than four princes, three of whom died violent deaths, were forced to accept the kaftan and kalpag of investiture in the camp of the grand vizier. Pressed by overwhelming forces, the Italians, after a violent combat, began to give way. ), when the heat is tempered by violent thunderstorms. Stephen van Rensselaer, the proprietor of Rensselaerwyck, had suffered the rents, especially those of his poorer tenants, to fall much in arrears, and when after his death (1839) the agents of his heirs attempted to collect them they encountered violent opposition. A violent agitation for his recall, in which Sir Henry Campbell-Bannerman joined, was organized, but without success, and in August he returned to South Africa, where he plunged into the herculean task of remodelling the administration. Even in the 16th and 17th centuries scholars like Grotius and Michaelis met with violent opposition for the same cause. But their rule then became violent and tyrannical, and they fell before the fury of the plebs, though for some reason, not easily understood, they continued to have the support of the patricians. Further acts of violence were committed by the Germans in 1903, which led to antiAustrian demonstrations in Italy. It was because they did not succeed that necessity and the violence of human passions subsequently forced him into a course of action which he had not chosen and which led him further than he wished to go. The stouter-hearted Franciscans only yielded to violence persistently applied by the soldiers whom their opponents quartered upon them. Though the bay is deep, navigation is rendered dangerous by the violence and rapidity of the tide, and in summer by frequent fogs. It is impossible to designate as a concordat the concessions which were wrested by violence from Pius VII. physical force chartists led by O'Connor were not afraid to use violence to achieve their aims. Apt to minimize difficulties, to search for the common ground of unity in opponents, he turned aside, with a disdain which superficial critics often mistook for indifference, from the base, the violent and the common. violence to accept a~democratic constitution, based on that of 1812, which was issued in 1837. the part of the queen to rule despotically, by the help of reckless adventurers of mean capacity, and by brute violence. Where the surface is ulcerated it may be protected from external violence and placed under favourable conditions for healing by covering it with lint moistened with water and with oil-silk over it to prevent evaporation. Her dress was a violent pink. A second time, owing to his violent campaign against Lafayette, he narrowly escaped arrest and had to flee to London (Jan. We would rather negotiate, but we will use violent means if needed. The great peninsula of India, with its lofty mountain ranges behind and its extensive seaboard exposed to the first violence of the winds of two oceans, forms an exceptionally valuable and interesting field for the study of meteorological phenomena. But while Struve, and to a less degree Plekhanov, were induced by this admission to seek an affiance with Liberal intellectuals in their struggle against Tsarism, Lenin (as he had taken to calling himself), together with Martov, Axelrod and other fiery spirits, forsook the Liberal platform and strove for a violent outbreak of a downright class war. abductions of Iraqi soldiers, police and civilians have been a feature of sectarian insurgent violence in the past couple of years. There are several lakes in which trout are abundant, and char also occur; the largest is Sdrvaag Lake in Vaagd, which is close to the sea, and discharges into it by a sheer fall of about 160 ft. Violence, however, was prevented, and the matter was referred to the council of state at Madrid. The violent seizure of Strassburg by France in 1681 was ratified by the peace of Ryswick in 1697, which recognized the Rhine as the boundary between Germany and France from Basel to about Germersheim. But such an issue, he saw well, could only be the outcome of violence - of " blood and iron. In London he was attacked and beaten by Messrs Barclay & Perkins' draymen when visiting the brewery, and he was saved from mob violence in Brussels with some difficulty. With singular fatuity Charles had taken no precautions in view of a violent outbreak. (nonstandard) To subject to violence. Hermon Husband (c. 1724-1795) was the chief agitator of measures for relief, but, since, as a Quaker, he discouraged violence, the cause was left without a recognized leader. In his resistance to the great movement for the exclusion of James from the succession, Charles was aided by moderate men such as Halifax, who desired only a restriction of James's powers, and still more by the violence of the extreme exclusionists themselves, who headed by Shaftesbury brought about their own downfall and that of their cause by their support of the legitimacy and claims of Charles's natural son, the duke of Monmouth. (In 1901 a violent storm further damaged the temples and forced the gateway out of the perpendicular.) But in 792 some Frankish troops were killed at the mouth of the Elbe, and a similar disaster in the following year was the signal for a renewal of the ravages with great violence, when churches were destroyed, priests killed, or driven away, and many of the people returned to heathenism. His passage through Cilicia was marked by a violent fever that arrested him for a while in Tarsus, and meantime a great Persian army was waiting for him in northern Syria under the command of Darius himself. gg g between the Danish kings and the Schleswig dukes; and of six monarchs no fewer than three died violent deaths. The violent political commotions of the next few years allowed but little opportunity for the prosecution of serious studies; the subsequent quieter state of the country, and gradual re-establishment of the language as a means of education, were, however, more favourable to the development of scientific knowledge. The north-east monsoon, which lasts from October till April, is exceedingly violent for three months after its commencement. The rainfall chiefly occurs in violent cloudbursts, and the soluble matter in the soil is carried down by intermittent streams to salt lakes around which deposits are formed as evaporation takes place. 23 examples: This would be a violent revolution indeed, a violent revolution in policy… Neither could forgive Tisza for repudiating his earlier Radical policy, the so-called Bihar Programme (March 6, 1868), which went far beyond the Compromise in the direction of independence, and both attacked him with a violence which his unyielding temper, and the ruthless methods by which he always knew how to secure victory, tended ever to fan into fury. When the Sons of Liberty, a society composed largely of unfranchised mechanics and artisans of New York City, which began to dominate the movement immediately after the Congress adjourned, resorted to mob violence - destroying property and burning in effigy the governor and other officers - the propertied classes drew back, and a few years later the popular or patriot party lost its control of the assembly. Notwithstanding some rumours of violence it is probable that his death was natural and due to his own intemperate habits. At length driven to undisguised violence, he sent in his grenadiers, who turned out the deputies. His reign was marked by friendly relations with the Ottoman sultan Mahommed II., whose capture of Constantinople (1453) was the cause of great rejoicings in Egypt, but also by violent excesses on the part of the Mamelukes, who dictated the sultans policy. CK 1 1094392 Tom doesn't like watching violent movies. Forneron (Paris, 1881), contains many references to authorities and is exhaustive, but the author has some violent prejudices. A propensity for violence is in no doubt. There was violent antipathy between the Christain Socialists and the German Nationalists, and the transference of their quarrels from the Viennese Council Chamber to the Reichsrath was very detrimental to the orderly conduct of debate. His project was approved by an ecclesiastical council and was supported by the tsar, but it met with violent opposition from a large section of the clergy, and it alarmed the ignorant masses, who regarded any alterations in the ritual, however insignificant they might be, as heretical and very dangerous to salvation. Otto was of tall and commanding presence, and although subject to violent bursts of passion, was liberal to his friends and just to his enemies. Th Murder isn't the only form of violent crime that is falling. In concert with the American generals, he planned an attack on Newport, preparatory to which he compelled the British to destroy some war vessels that were in the harbour; but before the concerted attack could take place, he put to sea against the English fleet, under Lord Howe, when owing to a violent storm, which arose suddenly and compelled the two fleets to separate before engaging in battle, many of his vessels were so shattered that he found it necessary to put into Boston for repairs. Como and Lodi complained of the violence used to them by the former city. How to use violent in a sentence. The court, on its side, showed little sign of a conciliatory spirit, though, realizing itsdanger, it attempted to restrain the foolish violence of the emigres, i.e. Hence the rivers that flow in the opposite direction into the Adriatic and the Gulf of Taranto have much longer courses, though all partake of the character of mountain torrents, rushing down with great violence in winter and after storms, but dwindling in the summer into scanty streams, which hold a winding and sluggish course through the great plains of Apulia. From the 3rd to the 5th of October Codrington, who had with him only his flagship the "Asia" (84) and some smaller vessels, was engaged in turning back the Egyptian and Turkish vessels, a task in which he was aided by a violent gale. In consequence of this, and the manifold anxieties of the time with which he was harassed, the mind of the great statesman was no doubt in a moody and morbid condition, and when he arose to speak later in the evening, he referred in excited and agitated tones to the remark, as an incitement to violence against his person.

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