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Not only did Flint Radio give Premier 70s Chicago DJ John Landecker his first real radio job in 1966, but WTAC broke the definitive local Chicago #1 hit that wasn't that popular anywhere else, "It Could Be We're In Love" by suburban Chicago garage band, The Cryan' Shames. National News. Rocka-rolla was the victim of a government vendetta...since he sold pipes and other paraphenalia they seized all of his record stock until he was broke......then gave it back to him when it was too late. on it. Thanks for remembering. To listen again to the live stream, please click on the "Listen" button below. Fred S. Grapevine Records opened in the old Robert Hall Clothing store on the west side of Clio Road, just 1/2 mile north of Pierson Road. I was told by the engineer that these were the main turntables that were used by all the DJ's, especially Bob Dell, to spin the records and, in some cases, make instant hits for unknown artists or groups. The Jones Boys, Dan Hunter, Les Root, Ed Berryman...I could go on and on... One of my favorite playlists on my ipod is titled WTAC. Pete helped me immensely by promoting my show to his very large audience every Sunday night. A good place, though Rock-A-Rolla Records was still my fave. ©2020 Last.fm Ltd. I also met the late Jack Hood on several occasions and he was a really nice man...I for one miss the good old days of live AM radio, just like WTAC, WTRX, WFDF to name a few. AM was on its way out...sadly. Is it simply because the factory complex was located in the valley formed by the Flint River? Radio YMCA Go-Go Band Photos Daniels Den Contact Us Site Map. You might enjoy my book about Flint called "Teardown: Memoir of a Vanishing City," a Michigan Notable Book for 2014 and a finalist for the 33rd Annual Northern California Book Award for Creative NonFiction. Sports Xtra 1330 - WTRX, AM 1330, Flint, MI. Daniel James Hunter, Was born in Detroit,Michigan,30 March 1923, at the age of 24 he was a radio announcer in Pittsburg, Penn. 512(c)(3). In the mid sixties they played venues like Mt. I know it's hard to see, but I zoomed in and saw it. ", The Ultimate List of Bars, Lounges, and Taverns. I've got every WTAC playlist sheet from 1976 through 1978, plus a few from WFDF. He was a pro himself, and was always willing to help with your game. It is the Flint affiliate for the Detroit Lions, Detroit Tigers, Michigan Wolverines football and men's basketball, and CBS Sports Radio. (weddings,events,etc.) Great posts -- thanks! Laurie White (Berryman) here.... Dad, Ed Berryman, would have been 90 years old today, March 31, 2011. I somehow felt as if I were a part of this giant assembly line and the city it fed. I didn't realize that Doug Earp had also passed away in 2004. Flint Artifacts: 1924 Flint Motor Company Stock Ce... Flint Artifacts: 1972 Fisher Body Service Manual, Please don't give Flint auto dealers any ideas. JBING50: Thanks, I forgot his last name. I'm a better man for knowing him. Led by Dick Wagner, the group issued 12 classic singles that were big hits in the Tri-Cities and got lots of airplay on WKNX. To be fair, there were a lot of head shops posing as record stores. WTRX (1330 AM, "Sports XTRA 1330") is an American radio station broadcasting a sports format in Flint, Michigan. unclebuck. The above information must be submitted as a written, faxed or emailed notification to the following Designated Agent: Attn: DMCA Office, Flintexpats.com, 418 Anderson St., San Francisco, CA 94110, gyoung@flintexpats.com. 4.19.2-033, To keep the connection alive, please click on the "Continue" button below or the stream will stop. Wyatt Earp closed at the end of last year. We worked the Buick Open together in the sixties. I'm sure they will love it as much or more as the rest of us do. This happens to be the most popular post in the history of Flint Expatriates, originally published March 19, 2008. I worked as a antenna/transmitter and production engineer in my early college days 1971-1975;Bill Lambś show The Factory Whistle was carried on my station WKMF-AM (1470), daily, at 1-3pm. An intimate, indepth exploration of the past, present, and future of Flint, Michigan. There was less latitude in the later years. It was on Saginaw St., across the street from Hutchinsons Drugstore, and a Bank. Dan had a son too but, I forgot his name..he went to Southwestern. I got the list via email... (Photo by Rashaun Rucker of The Detroit Free Press) Demolition has begun on Tiger Stadium. For my part, I recorded Pirate radio programs on Radio Caroline (ship in the North Sea broadcasting into England, France & Germany the "illegal" top forty format)and sent them back home. Coincidentally, Dan Hunter's birthday was March 30. When I was in the Army, mid-1960's, my parents recorded Wee-Tac on an old reel-to-reel AMPEX recorder and would sent them to me overseas so I could hear the familiar sounds of the Big Six DJ's and a little bit of entertainment from the good old Flint, Michigan radio music scene. Good times. Speaking of WTAC Wee-TAC 600, brings back a memory. These turntables are large, heavy monsters that sat in a countertop, one on each side of the DJ. location closed in the late 80s. Long-time employee Al Steele took over the reins and kept it open for the past 7 or 8 years. I obtained a near life sized cardboard stand-up of the rock band POLICE, when visiting the store in 1980 and finding out that they threw most of those in the dumpster when changing record campaigns. I think what closed them down was when it became illegal under state law to sell paraphernalia. I also wrote, produced and hosted a public television series called "People and Places with Perry" ..it was kind of a Charles Kuralt type show about Michigan. WTRX (1330 AM, "Sports XTRA 1330") is an American radio station broadcasting a sports radio format in Flint, Michigan. Jeff assisted with that show as well. Station links. Lions Return. The station had all kinds of potential, but not enough money to allow it to grow and prosper. I had a great time running the oldies. It was a really entertaining show. What was the record store that was across from the Genesee Valley Mall in the early 1970's?? Grapevine was definitely on Clio Rd, between Pierson and Carpenter near Woolco. I seem to remember some controversy surrounding it, but can't remember the details.There's another record store nearby on Corunna Rd. I still have some of these in my dusty collection. I still have -and listen to- that album! My first recollection of a Flint record store in the early 1960's was Brice Sales on Saginaw Street where you could rent the top 40 for 10 bucks, play them at the school sock hop on Saturday night and return them to the store Monday morning and get 5 bucks refund if no records were broken or missing. Fred S. Here is a link to a WTRX survey with a Jayhawkers song, but not the one you are looking for. I wonder where Perry and Jeff are today. Sports Xtra 1330 WTRX. They had locations on Dort Hwy and in Saginaw as well. (Rick Archambault, Mr. Larry, Dan Richards, Tony Johnson...to name a few) The format was a hybrid of oldies(to stay in line with WTAC's fantastic heritage) mixed with News, Sports and of course Talk. Ref. Some were headed for home and some for the corner bar, but all with the determined step of an army after a battle won. How you can spin off on these posts. " Maybe the WFDF deal came later. Kind of like restaurants that have folded without liquor licenses. CBS Sports Radio is on WTRX. Somewhere at my parents' place I still have a WTAC top 40 playlist from 1975 with songs from Hot Chocolate (probably "You Sexy Thing")and KISS ("Detroit Rock City") on it. That September I hired in at AC Spark Plug on Industrial Avenue. Also, when the radio DJ's did a gig, they usually had a stack of "promo only" 45's to give away, promoting a new, unknown artist or group. I recall going there but can't remember the name. Is that the one with "Rock Lobster" on it? And Gary Raymond was the DJ at my sister's wedding in 1973 -- a real brush with greatness for a 13 year old! WTRX 1330 Flint - Dave Mann - 1975 - Radio Aircheck - YouTube Show more. Hatfield's Records on Saginaw was the best record shop. Too bad. Powered by. If you're talking about the head shop that also sold a few records, you're thinking of Rock A Rolla. I bought two Gates-Inter-type turntables that were being replaced. What I wouldn't give for some tapes of the station in its heyday. R.I.P. Continue. Bill would feed the show earlier in the day to the WFDF studio via phone line where the staff would record it on reel-to-reel for afternoon playback. Anonymous...Dan Would have been 88 this year. I still have these reels but with their age, 50 years old, the condition of the tape would be questionable. Essential reading for anyone trying to understand why bad things — like the Flint Water Crisis — keep happening to Flint. ©2020 Triton Digital. Might be an Aerosmith song on it, too, most likely "Walk This Way," probably also from Sweet ("Fox on the Run"), David Bowie ("Golden Years"), and I'm sure there was something from Isley Brothers on it, too. They were led by a guy named Jay Walker who I think was a DJ at a Saginaw radio station. JBING50: Thanks, I forgot his last name. Without the high profits on the "equipment", it probably wasn't that profitable. I decided to venture into stand up comedy and performed comedy, booked comedy shows and managed comedy clubs for around 15 years. Get Your Deal Today! GORDON !!! I remember Grapevine (yes, on Clio Rd) - there I bought Gary Numan & Tubeway Army's album with Are Friends Electric? Doug Earp owned and operated it until his passing in 2004 or so. Lots of great memories of WTAC -- staying up late on New Years Eve to listen to the year's top 100 was always cool.

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