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I kinda liked Wilsons but not for price/performance reasons. Musical Fidelity M8xi integrated amplifier. I have probably listened to about 50 recordings (FLAC, CD, LP) so far and in each case I hear micro-details that I have not heard before now. As erstwhile Stereophile writer Paul Bolin once told me, "Brian, the Sophia is a wonderful speaker.". Now that slot in Wilson's line is filled by the Sabrina ($16,500/pair), not the Yvette. As a result the dip doesn't really show up in the room response. Another was that I was hearing more clarity and detail, but without the music's flow being disturbed, which other components that reveal greater-than-usual levels of detail have often done in my system. Inverted connections are perfectly fine and, as with non-inverted polarity, may just as easily provide a usable, even superb final response. They play well, or at least as well as the electronics in Front of them.. Wilson would demo them using Tape and the nicest electronics, they always sound "Good". John Atkinson Incidentally, what amplifier are you presently using with the Super HL5 Plus? ANything less in my opinion would not justify the 10K price diff. I didn't, and at first I was stunned. So.... As far as music accuracy is concerned across all frequency ranges, my Harbeth scores an 8/10, the Yvette's score a 9/10. Summary: Michelle Wilson was born on 08/08/1961 and is 59 years old. The ragedness of the tweeter was made far worse by the uptilt. There are a ton of “high end” speakers that continue to use MDF and wood glue. ... Wilson's Daryl Wilson and Harbeth's Alan Shaw? Some of this should be logical stuff. Glad I was reviewing an amp that had tone controls because I absolutely needed them. Technical Editor, Stereophile. It's a Velvet Rope Company that coddles it's owners like the Chicago Rolls Royce Dealer took care of it's small fleet of exclusive ownership. ps. Whether or not this justifies the large price for these speakers is not for me to say. Unfortunately, it probably will never happen. I suspect that the Wilson Audio design philosophy results in gear that is unusually revealing of upper-frequency garbage from source components. I took a chance, thinking I knew what I was hearing. Cutting right to the chase, my Harbeths I hear, the Yvettes I hear and feel. Alec? On Monday I re-listened to several tracks that I had auditioned on the Sasha's and Yvette's last Saturday. I'll have to hear one of the newer Wilson speakers at some point. I would argue that the Yvette is an entirely different animal. I would love to hear what folks think? The dynamic range they have feels unlimited. But as far as "you are actually at the music venue" is concerned, the Harbeth's score a 7/10, the Yvette's a 10/10. The Yvettes' midrange was superb in every way, but a few things especially caught my attention. ... price-wise the Harbeth product line-up tops out where the Wilson product line-up is just getting started. I think it is counterintuitive and can be misleading if you fail to notice the normalisation. However, doesn't that sum up the most high-end speakers? It's what you hear first, so it's best to just get it out of the way before trying to talk about how the Yvettes really sounded. When my brain rebooted, it informed me that I was looking at a smaller, more graceful version of the Alexandria XLF. To accomplish this, the Yvette has to look like three boxes instead of one or two, No artifice, remember? It embodied the Wilson DNA, but only where it aligned with the overall goal. Aoxomoxoa? That would be the best of all worlds for us readers who focus on speaker measurements. She attended San Jose State University and majored in communications. Side Note 2: Not that it makes any difference or is anybody's business, the speakers I just purchased are trade-ins the dealer received a few months ago. His old VTL Ichiban's are warmer sounding than the current generation, which must have helped with Yvette. There are a handful of makers who do this, Thiel, Vandersteen amont the most notable, but they are by no means the only makers of amazing sounding speakers, and a lot of us simply aren't moved as much by this as some consumers are. I notice the big speakers being played louder (because there is little strain) vs the smaller ones. It has that same treble "color" or lack of smoothness. Beginning with the new speakers in the same positions my Sophias had occupied, Peter McGrath spent a few hours figuring out where the Yvettes needed to be: 10' from my listening position, a little less than 7' apart, about 24" from each sidewall lined with LP shelves, and with their front baffles 49" from a ¾-height concrete-block wall behind them, and 107" from the structural wall behind that. https://www.legacy.com/obituaries/name/yvette-wilson-obituary?pid=158045280 I've been listening to speakers in the $10-$25 range for 40 years, and only today did I hear this effect. Associated equipment at the store was a Marantz SACD/DAC and Luxman 509ux playing Tidal. In all my salesman and his installer were at our house for almost three hours. It is bright and boomy and that's before I saw the measurements. I am in the process of looking for something that might fulfill that goal without breaking my budget. They don't. Alexia? That can’t be good. We will love you and miss you always. I loved your beautiful smile rest peacefully my love, We are still missing you in 2020 Yvette Continue to Rest In Peace Beautiful lady your in a better place than us❣, What a beautiful woman inside and out. The old and new speakers are similar in size/shape/driver positions, so that alone may account for a lot of sonic overlap! Yvette Wilson. As an objective magazine, I wish Stereophile did not assign a Wilson loving person to review another Wilson. In any event, bottom-end sounds had a realistic level of impact, with superb resolution of detail and definition of pitch. Peakier treble than some, slower than some, hard to position than some, but Wilsons certainly do not sound 'bad' by any mean. The difference between my Harbeth's and the Yvette's is astounding in that regard. It's just the nature of multi-pole box speaker design. They were faster, a bit more analytical, and could be sibilant at times. Prieto earns a salary of $78,000 as a professional model while her husband Jordan bought a home worth $281,000 in a modest town of Miami. Stereophile as a mag is one of thew few sources I read which i can trust. But to me the measurements look pretty terrible, and I don´t really understand that Stereophile are not calling them by their name "Idiosyncratic". :-) ....... No. my 22 yr old Sennheiser HD 580s have nicer transducers and sound better ! What was it about the Yvettes? I do respect that, but I do not consider design like that as "High Fidelity". Infinity IRS has always crushed Wilson's performance. Love it or hate it, there's no artifice in the Yvette's shape. You were taken away too soon. For this aspect of the Yvette's sound alone, a lot of albums went from good to great. This is not to be confused with the bass is "boomier" or "thumpier", it is much much more than that. We will update Family, Sibling, Spouse and Children's information. Better value for the money than Alexia2? Biography Yvette Wilson is best known as a Comedian. from "The Nightfly" showed me how much better the Yvette's convey that sense of realism. T+A Presents a Discussion of Their HA 200 Headphone Amp, HV Series Technology, and Solitaire P Headphones! 95% of 2-way speakers invert the two drivers relative to each other. I can totally see that, though that rising impedance means the treble output would rise even more with tubes. In the case of the Yvette, the technologies were generated in a series of development programs involving speakers with multiple, individually adjustable cabinets. :-) .......... Value for Money is not a descriptive applicable to any Wilson Product and never has been. :-) .......... Also, how did the Yamaha NS-5000 sound? Listening distance was about 11 feet, which is 1.5 times the distance between the tweeters. My admiration for these speakers has actually grown from my initial impressions. Side Note 1: While my speaker buying decision process was going on, the head installer from Wilson Audio called me and spent an hour walking me through the ultimate setup of the Yvette's in my room (I sent detailed pictures) and how (or if) a sub might be needed.

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