the lover kdrama cast

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jae Apr 10 2017 5:24 am If I'll watch this drama .. of course it'll be because of joy :) @lolWut Yeah, ik :) Western comic adapts hv many different vers. I'm sure Joy will surprise us and I'll enjoy this drama. kkkkk Apr 21 2017 7:41 am The storyline of ep 1 and 2 (the editing worst) are the one that shud be blamed so why throw hate on the casts? I loved ost very much. Want to see it in your area? They should be able to make the viewers feel that they deserve the role that was given to them. And I love the casts' chemistry. By clicking on "Accept", you agree to our use of cookies. Hanni Mar 27 2020 2:51 pm like omg id like to see all you guys try and act irl,, joy honestly deserves this opportunity regardless of what you think, Carlacallista Apr 10 2017 12:55 am And this drama is very light. And I think it's not bad for her first drama. Dob't reccomend it to anyone. myxblush Jan 13 2017 12:48 am Phoenix (SBS) I'm a fan of Red Velvet so even though many people criticized Joy's acting I still love this drama. the plot was intriguing at first but after the first 4 episodes it went downhill for me.In the tenth episode the kiss was sooooo terrible it was what i call a plaster, because they just put their faces together and called it a kiss, maybe it was cuase she's young but i know Hyun Woo could do better, i mean the kiss in moorim school was awesome. Should be renamed to The Liar and Her Lover. The japanese one was a lot more closer. ty Apr 08 2017 2:09 am An early 30-s dating an 18 year old??? He doesn't even want to exchange unnecessary small talk so he advertises for a foreigner who can't speak Korean very well. ??????? Pating Jul 03 2017 2:17 am I have no idea why some people are dissing Joy. Ran Mar 23 2017 8:18 am her eyes speaks so well in conveying the emotions of yoon soorim. this drama was so boring and stupid. Sirisha Jan 22 2018 2:50 am Sung Joo (UNIQ), Shin Je Min and Jang Ki Yong have been cast. What disappointed me the most is aki or k character and his song. Joy!!! I'm a little burnt out on watching Kdramas right now so I'm surprised this Kdrama is holding my interest. I love Joy im excited. Shutup Mar 31 2017 1:16 pm But complaining about a rookie getting a lead role is NOT a valid reason. also i ship si hyun and soo yeon more than so rim and han geol!! the japanese movie was really good so i am setting high expectationa for this. He just want to create a good ordinary song, not some mainstream love song, even if he create a love song you can feel the deep of love in aki's lyrics. Seriously, she's doing a good job portraying her character Yoon Sorim. Well im here because i like lee hyun woo and love the original of this dorama. So what they changed Aki's character? The new release song of crude play really blew me away . At first i thought the story will be same as the comics, but sadly it's not. CKW Apr 03 2017 2:00 pm Firr Jun 03 2020 8:38 am Please publish the full version. Can someone suggest more dramas that are not so complicated and upbeat? all the luck for this drama though! I personally think this drama is really old and it suits both of them really well. I wish japan will make drama so i can erase all this disappointed feeling from watching the korean version. mush Mar 12 2017 1:28 pm !❤️❤️, mia Apr 08 2017 3:59 am Donsaeng fighting!!!!! Park Jong Hwan as Park Hwan Jong, Lee Jae Joon as Lee Joon Jae The series leaves you wanting to know more about each of them, be a part of their lives, follow how they grow in their career, what paths they choose. LKB Jan 17 2017 10:55 am Yes Joy and Hyun-Woo Together This will be a masterpiece! Enter Takuya, a Japanese guy on his travels. Honestly, if you're watching this drama because you're in desperate need of a high-quality type show then this isn't the drama for you. saranghae Mar 23 2017 5:16 pm Now if the adaptation was butchered like how Nodame Cantabile was ruined you would have more point, but it's still in its 2nd episode and so far it hasn't shown any bleak writing. So its not "SM power". watched it because of joy, but her acting and the plot are sometimes really cringey. Can't wait to watch this drama! It's not that I'm complaining, but I'm not really into an idol-turned-actor as the lead. ive been watching this drama since the first episode.. and im really hooked about the story itself and the actors and actress as well.. i was really moved by this drama. I'm sure she will do a amazing job, because she's really hardworking. Not sure about this casting but I hope it'll turn out well! Joy has a good voice you can go and watch her SM Station MV ft Seulong - Always In My Heart. Optimushwang Mar 17 2018 3:55 am I just finished ep 6. KPOP TRASH Apr 11 2017 10:13 am My pretty baby girl, you're so amazing. TexasTwoStep Apr 11 2017 5:03 am I can't wait to see Lee Hyun Woo on screen again. The Lover (Korean: 더 러버) is a 2015 South Korean television series starring Oh Jung-se, Ryu Hyun-kyung, Jung Joon-young, Choi Yeo-jin, Park Jong-hwan, Ha Eun-seol, Takuya Terada and Lee Jae-joon. And went its raining and yoon so rim have an audition and han gyeol put his umbrella at yoon so rim shoulder and get going omgg i think its so sweet ? anyone can tell me who is the boy at ep 1 that sing to his crush pls. Lee Joon Jae (Lee Jae Joon) plays a loner who prefers to stay at home, but is forced to get a roommate for financial reasons. no where to be found and don't use "she has no experience" as an excuse, every single actor has to start in a drama without any expirience don't be a judgemental bitch and leave these two talented babies to their masterpiece. Cant wait for the next episode ^^. And I prefer korean version. D.O proved himself to be a good actor started trough a small character in a drama, but with his acting skills his character impact so much. hey come to your sense. He doesn't even want to exchange unnecessary small talk so he advertises for a foreigner who can't speak Korean very well. Thr PD nim really did a great work by choose the right actors who suit the roles. Ji-nyeo has the personality of a penny-pinching ajumma and basically supports her younger boyfriend in the hope that he will someday realize his dream, while Young-joon is an unemployed musician who carries around a guitar he doesn't know how to play. That's why, I'm not going to see this drama as the Korean version of The Liar and His Lover but a new different Korean drama. Anyways, just my opinion. YooBorii May 11 2017 5:52 am Because it has a reason bruh. Every time I finished studying I would go and watch it. I struggle watch it cincha hahahahaa. I hope this drama will successful. Wahhhhh i really can't wait for this drama? only) For those shits telling she's bad hmmmmm I pity u. Wag na kayo manunuod kahit kelan HAHAHAHA. The storyline was so-so, not really engaging but the romance was pretty adorable so i watched it till the end. (admitting... im annoyed with her character. I was wondering if this is going to be the only season. Step by step she will rise. Uthie Apr 04 2017 8:47 am Maybe reason why she was casted? i noticed a comment below saying that in the movie he falls in love with her voice after they start dating, but i actually prefer this method. I know she will do well. It is overall just painful to watch. I watch bcoz of the actor and most of my friends like him in morim school. Damn! Joy - "Daebak" - Awesome, Amy Apr 10 2017 11:20 pm i really agree with @soohyun aki is mature guy and lee hyun woo is unsuitable with aki's role, amy Jan 14 2017 1:17 am haters, what's your problems? It is not officially available in English. Seol Eun wants her boyfriend to believe that she's the perfect embodiment of femininity, and works tirelessly to keep up the illusion. She really done good job as a highschooler since she has that kind of youth aura. I'm super excited for future ones!! I think the dialogs need more punchline. Thecorrectanswer Mar 02 2017 6:08 am For a drama that is based on music, the songs are quite pathetic to be honest. Even tho its not like a real drama, but the couple was act and have a script. mariam Sep 07 2017 1:18 pm Plus, the OSTs were catchy and sweet! but why did character of Chan-Young make me feel so bad? Aki is not someone selfish. I read an earlier comment about how Joy IS So Rim and I just want to say that that is so so SO true. FIGHTING JOY! in her charc. That's why he gets so much project trough that small role. Behind The Scene Mar 22 2017 4:07 am I read the manga and watched the film and now i am kinda disappointed. Cant wait for next week! No way!!!!! Joy's acting is good. @noash i dont think we read the same manga. SEE DETAILS. --------> SO WHAT?? Omg I just highly recommend this kdrama, although some people don't. It's Korean after all. Hope they would more picky to choose drama theme and the writer. I wish there will be more scenes for them, since their scene just a little compare with the other couples please make season 2 for this drama, and please make Joon Jae and Takuta couple to have more scenes! It's better than many overrated Kdramas I've seen. Please do not relate the Manga and this drama cause you will not be expecting it to be 100% the same. I do wish for this aspect to be similar.. but from the cast it feels like it's gg to look a lot more bubbly, light and less in-depth? kurage Jan 14 2017 11:34 am - Mar 08 2017 3:30 am i'd give it 50% max. jjy Mar 22 2017 5:15 am The production team said that the audition for this drama is quite different with the others since they're focusing on the singing. Cant see the role enacted so beautifully by Sato Takeru being butchered. <3 <3. They simply chose to live together instead of getting married, and have been sharing an apartment for two years. Rev Apr 05 2017 11:48 pm So he will be fine. So i believe they most choose a good one. Hyunwoo's character was also good in making people's lives miserable, His acting was believable that he was self-centered. the story and character are not bad, and i didn't enjoy with this. Please don't judge. I think 2017 is the year of k-idol drama. Taehyung is married nayeon Oct 05 2018 1:34 am absolute no Apr 08 2020 8:45 pm Khayla Jan 09 2018 10:59 am Her crying scenes really gets me every time. Once the Tuesday ep is over I suddenly become excited for Mondays now! I want to watch japan ver, but after this drama done. All I can say is, my heart flutters every time i listen to their songs. Like i said before if i never read the manga than this is an ok drama, but dont consider this as good as other TvN drama.

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